3 Pairs Of Shoes I Absolutely Love

Shoes are probably my favourite item of all time.  Not so long ago I boasted 30 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe.  But, I have downsized since then and kept a ‘capsule wardrobe of shoes’.

It is so hard to just decide on 3 pairs of shoes that I LOVE, but I tried my best.

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Winter holiday inspiration

I’m currently hunkered down in a small motel. Well, when I say motel I really mean an old plane from the 1940s which has been converted into a motel room. The cockpit has another bedroom, however it is too cold to sleep up there tonight.

Since it has been so cold, I’ve had to think carefully about the sorts of clothes to wear. I’m not in Auckland anymore.

I haven’t had to wear this many layers since living in the UK. Crazy.

My favourite winter item is jumpers. I love jumpers. They are cozy and warm and suit so many different outfits.

I didn’t have much to do tonight once arriving at the motel, so I spent my time creating  new outfits.

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Top Picks For A Spring Wardrobe

Spring has sprung.  The weather feels slightly warmer…or that might just be me telling myself it’s warmer when it actually isn’t.

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A Drive Out Of Auckland

I love going for drives on the weekend.  Especially when other people drive and I can just relax, day dream and look out the window.

Today we went for a drive to Beachlands.  It was a beautiful sunny, but cold, day.  It’s these days where I think “If this was summer, it’d be boiling!”.

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Weekend Wanderings

As per usual, I went up to Stanmore Bay this weekend.  I have a place up there that I am trying to rent out…the last year (almost) has been full of renovating, interior decorating (i.e. painting, furnishing).  I have decided to rent it out so that I can save some money, pay a bit off my mortgage and go traveling/work overseas.

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My Favourite Coats For Winter

Since it was the first day of Winter in New Zealand yesterday, I thought that I would write a post about my favourite coats for Winter.  I know a lot of you lucky people in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the start of your Summer…and I am completely jealous about that! It has been quite warm for the beginning of Winter…which is a surprise!  I didn’t even need a coat today!

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