OOTD: A Vintage Affair

It’s no secret.  I love vintage clothes.  If I could afford to buy true vintage constantly, I would.  But unfortunately, vintage clothes are getting more and more expensive.

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OOTD – Bright Red 1950s Dress

Today I celebrated my 25th birthday a few weeks early because my brother and sister are away for my real birthday – unfortunately they both didn’t make it to my party..well, my brother got there just in time to have some food before it all ran out!

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OOTD And Birthday Party

Yesterday my new dress from Lindybop.co.uk turned up.

It’s the most beautiful dress I have ever owned (actually, one of..I have too many beautiful dresses to choose from).

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1950s Wiggle Skirt

Today I thought I’d finally get my 1950s wiggle skirt out of my wardrobe and see if there was anything I could wear it with.  I ended up pairing it with a pair of black seamed stocking (from the Warehouse for only $16!) and a blouse from Smoove Reworked Vintage.  The shoes are from the 1940s and made of velvet.  I recently got the shoes resoled because they were really slippery on the bottom.  They are NOS (New Old Stock, which means they are true vintage but never worn!).

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Top 4 Vintage Reproduction Online Shops

I love buying Vintage, however it is hard to buy true Vintage because often the ‘cheaper’ options are for viewing purposes only or the more expensive items are too expensive.  However, there have been times when I have been able to buy true Vintage.

I love looking at Reproduction shops, particularly the shops where the owners have made the clothes to a actual vintage pattern and not just taken all the ‘popular’ things from that era and put them into all their items.

For example, the 50s wasn’t full of pinups, cherry print materials and halter dresses.

And now, after that lengthy introduction, here is my list of my Top 4 favourite Vintage Repro shops:

2) Rocket Originals:

rocket originalsThis shop is just amazing.   They have the most gorgeous knits and twinsets that any 40s and 50s lover would need in their wardrobe.  Whilst I haven’t bought any shoes yet, they do look like they are true vintage, however they are just made to look true vintage!

Red & Cream sweater

2) Heyday Vintage Style:


Heyday makes clothes based on looks from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  I love the clothes they have on there because they look like true Vintage.  I recently purchased the denim 1940s style pants below.  I can’t wait to receive them in the post.  My mum and I got matching pairs 😀  The pants were 55 pounds…which is a bit pricey, but certainly a lot cheaper than other shops and also worth the money spent!denim

3) Red Dress Shoppe:

reddressshopeThis shop has an amazing collection of dresses, tops and skirts.  The prices seem to range from $15-100.

I am currently in love with this skirt:

The Cycle Skirt

4) Buffalo Gal Vintage:

Buffalo Gal Vintage

Buffalo Gal Vintage also has a great range of reproduced Vintage clothing.  It ranges from Steampunk, burlesque, 1920s-70s swim suits/coats/blouses etc.   The prices do range from low to high.

Alternatively, one can also go on etsy or ebay and find many reproduction clothing shops on there.

Does anyone else have favourite Vintage Repro sites/shops that they visit often?  I’d like to find some more!

Perfect Black Pumps

There’s nothing I love more than a pair of perfect, black pumps.

They are the perfect way to finish an outfit. For me, black pumps are my go to shoe, especially when I can’t choose what colour heel to wear.  I own a lot of black heels because I really like a minimalistic look.  Black is classic.  Black is definitely a staple in my wardrobe (I am trying to wear more clothes of different colours now – that’s my goal for this year).

I think that black pumps are the easy option too because sometimes it can be so hard to choose which shoes to wear with an outfit.

I recently bought a pair of True Vintage shoes off ebay.  They are velvet with a low-ish heel and are made by ‘Red Cross Shoes’.  I know they are true vintage because of the look for the heel and the way they have been made.  These shoes have never been made, so the original price tag was still there and the soles are in perfect condition.

These black pumps will be good for going out, job interviews and everyday wear.  They are very versatile and that is what I like with shoes – being able to wear them at different times and places is instantly a deal breaker or maker.  If I pay a lot of money for a pair of shoes, I expect to be able to wear them a lot and in many different places or situations!

Here’s a few pictures of my darling, beloved shoes.

IMG_3609 IMG_3611

What I love most about them is the little decoration/bow. It really dresses them up.

Outfit inspiration:

Kate Middleton always looks so well presented.

Despite my love of black pumps, I am known to wear other colour shoes on occasion!