The Beatles and Abbey Road: A London Walk

Abbey Road and the Beatles.  The two names are synonymous with one another. Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to go to Abbey Road and see where they made the record called, aptly, Abbey Road.  I also wanted to see what I call ‘The Beatles’ Crossing’.

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The dangers of being an expat

Being an expat is fun and it will not be easy to go back to my home country in a few months.

You see, being an expat is dangerous.  At first, it is scary and all you want to do is go home, but soon enough you get over that homesickness and start enjoying your time overseas.

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A Day in Cambridge.

On Tuesday we were shown around Cambridge by one of my brother’s friends.

We spent quite some time at the Fitzwilliam before moving on and walking around Universities.  The Universities are so grand in Cambridge, it kind of makes me want to go back to Uni here now.

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Borough Markets, London.

On Sunday I went to Borough Market in London.  It took me a long time to actually get there (9 months) and I am so glad that I finally went there!

I had a fab day just wandering around and looking at all the different products I could buy.  In the end I didn’t buy much, but I did get some delicious tea from a tea stall there.

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Winter Wonderland, Highgate Cemetery and Kyoto Gardens.

I’ve been so incredibly busy over the last few weeks, that I’ve hardly had the time to update my blog.  My social life has started to take over!

Last Friday I started my weekend off with a visit to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.  A very busy day to go!  Despite that I still had fun and saw the Nutcracker on Ice.  I am wowed by how talented the ice skaters are – it must take so much discipline!

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Piccadilly Circus and Carnaby, London.

London is my go to place on the weekend.  It is busy and there is always something to do at the weekend.   This weekend I chose to go to Piccadilly Circus – I wandered around for ages and had a fantastic time looking at the beautiful old buildings and the shops.

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