Winter Teacher Fashion

Since I’m moving overseas soon (and moving into a winter much colder than I am used to) I decided to have a look at some good looks for winter.

I believe the teaching dress-code is quite different to the one in NZ.  SO I’ve been having a look for clothing and fashion looks that will be warm, fashionable and teacher-like.

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OOTD: A Vintage Affair

It’s no secret.  I love vintage clothes.  If I could afford to buy true vintage constantly, I would.  But unfortunately, vintage clothes are getting more and more expensive.

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That Twiggy Style: Mod Dress OOTD

One of my greatest sewing accomplishments (thanks for the help mum!) was my 1960s Mod Dress.  I actually made 2 of these, one in white with colourful polka dots and the one I wore today.  I also have another white one with black dots that my mum made for my sister.  She didn’t wear it so I claimed it (thanks, Elly).

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What I Wore Today: Smoove Blouse and Midi Skirt

I love summer because it means I can get my midi skirts and Smoove blouses out from the back of my wardrobe.

Smoove is by far one of my favourite shops in Auckland.  It is a shop filled with reworked vintage dresses and blouses and there are also plenty of cool modern clothes there too!

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Vintage 1970s Dress – OOTD

Today was the day I decided to bare my gorgeous, bright white legs to the sun.  Kind of.  I actually wore a pair of seamed, skin coloured stockings so as not to hurt anyones eyes.

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Lacy Skirt With A Pussy Bow Blouse: OOTD

One of my wardrobe must-haves is lace.  Lace is so delicate and lovely.  It really creates a chic look and dresses up any outfit.  I love the way lace makes outfits vintage-esque.

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Teacup Crochet Keds: OOTD

There’s nothing I love more than my teacup crochet keds.  Yes, that does sound rather materialistic, but does it really matter?

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OOTD Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are probably one of my favourite skirt lengths.  I own quite a few now.  My favourite midi skirt will have to be the one I am wearing in my outfit today.

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OOTD: Skinny Jeans Hailwood Skinny Jeans

Today I wore my favourite new pair of jeans.  I honestly think that these are the nicest jeans I’ve owned in a long time.


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