Let’s go sailing

One of my favourite dresses at the moment is a Miss Patina sundress.

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OOTD: Owl You Need Is Love

Yes, the title is a pun.  It makes me laugh, but I can’t guarantee that you will.  (Honestly, who doesn’t love Owl puns?  And Otter puns too!).

My outfit today and yesterday (yes, I am a believer of wearing the same outfit two days in a row on the weekend), consisted of an owl dress from Middelburg and brown suede shoes from New Look.  My denim jacket is from Glamorous.

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MythBusters: Socks And Sandals

Socks and sandals, to me, are things that old tourists wear.  How on earth can these two items be fashionable together?

In this blog post I will be delving deep into the world of socks and sandals and seeing if they do actually look okay together.

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