A Little Road Trip

This week I went on a little road trip around the central North Island of New Zealand. If you follow my instagram, you’d be able to see some of the photos that I took.

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A Drive Out Of Auckland

I love going for drives on the weekend.  Especially when other people drive and I can just relax, day dream and look out the window.

Today we went for a drive to Beachlands.  It was a beautiful sunny, but cold, day.  It’s these days where I think “If this was summer, it’d be boiling!”.

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Weekend Wanderings

As per usual, I went up to Stanmore Bay this weekend.  I have a place up there that I am trying to rent out…the last year (almost) has been full of renovating, interior decorating (i.e. painting, furnishing).  I have decided to rent it out so that I can save some money, pay a bit off my mortgage and go traveling/work overseas.

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