Why I Love Going To Fashion Week

Fashion is my favourite thing on earth.  Truth be told, I have got a bit lazy lately with Fashion posts, but I just find that sometimes I get too much fashion focused and I end up buying too much stuff on Asos.

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I Miss Home

It feels weird knowing that I probably won’t be going back to my childhood home to live.  I know it’s part of adulthood.  I just feel like I’ve made a mistake.  I think it’s those little things I miss.  For example, being able to talk to mum and dad whenever I feel like it.  Having a comfortable bed.  ‘Talking’ to the dog.  The beach.  The house.

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Rotorua: Day One

I write this as I sit on the couch, drinking a cup of tea and almost nodding off.  I’m super tired because I had a terrible sleep last night and we’ve had a really busy day.  But what a day!  Rotorua is officially one of my favourite places to visit in NZ.

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