w7 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

I love makeup, and since I recently went through all of my makeup (and threw some out), I decided to do a bit of restocking.

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Boots Traditional Cold Cream Review.

Earlier this year I bought cold cream at Boots. I’d read about it before and thought that I’d like to try it.

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Concealer Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish

I recently showed this item on my post about my favourite beauty products.

It is a great concealer that matches my skin tone well and is easy to blend in.

I always build it up – particularly under my eyes – so that I don’t get a cakey look from it.

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My Favourite Beauty Products

Over the last year I have found a few beauty products that I really love.  They are products that suit my skin type and colour.

A favourite brand of mine is Rimmel.  It’s not overly expensive but it is better than dollar shop makeup products.

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My Daily Makeup Routine

In the middle of this year, I had a fairly intense makeup routine.  I’d use shadow, liquid liner, foundation and powder.  I’d carefully create a cat eye flick.  Now?  I’ve changed it up completely!

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Dipliner Eyeliner Review: LA Colours VS Isabelle Dupont

Earlier this year I bought two different liquid eyeliners.  LA Colours and an Isabelle Dupont liner.

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Product Review: W7 Get Set White Eyeshadow Primer

I have previously mentioned before how much I love primers.  I don’t use the eyeshadow one on a daily basis because I tend to not wear makeup to work.

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