w7 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

I love makeup, and since I recently went through all of my makeup (and threw some out), I decided to do a bit of restocking.

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Concealer Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish

I recently showed this item on my post about my favourite beauty products.

It is a great concealer that matches my skin tone well and is easy to blend in.

I always build it up – particularly under my eyes – so that I don’t get a cakey look from it.

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OOTD and Makeup Look – NZ Fashion Week Style

To follow on from my last post – this is my Fashion week look.

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Simple Cateye Makeup Look

I’m sorry!  I was supposed to put this up yesterday but I was too busy sorting out my Media Kit.  If you want to check it out look at my new page ‘PR’ on the menu.

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Lip Product Review And Favourite: Lip Macaron – Rosebud

I love MOR Lip Macaron’s.  They are so great at keeping my lips hydrated for a long period of time.

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A Beauty Product I Can Not Live Without

This is serious.  Honestly, there are so many things I could live without.  e.g. chocolate (seriously it’s such a bad addiction sometimes I wish it didn’t exist), itchy socks and stockings with runs.

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Going Makeup Free? But It’s My Warpaint.

It’s no secret.  I love makeup.  I love buying new products and I love trying out new looks.

During the week I tend not to wear makeup because I know that by the end of the day there would be none left where it should be.  Teaching is a stressful job.

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Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review: Runway Red-y

I love matching my nails to lipstick.  Especially when I go out.  A favourite nail colour of mine is Runway Red-y by Sally Hansen.

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A 1940s Styled Makeup Look

Last night I went to a Performance Ball for swing dance.  I was in one performance (second up, thank g-man).  I was so nervous because I had to be a lead for it (normally I’m a follow, but they didn’t have enough leads).

I will post the video up on here as soon as it comes online.  I only made one mistake…kind of went the wrong way..but oh well.

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Friday Makeup Haul

After work on Friday I went shopping.  I went to Glenfield Mall and found Makeup Direct.  They have really good service and they helped me find the best products for my skin and gave suggestions for the things I wanted.

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