The dangers of being an expat

Being an expat is fun and it will not be easy to go back to my home country in a few months.

You see, being an expat is dangerous.  At first, it is scary and all you want to do is go home, but soon enough you get over that homesickness and start enjoying your time overseas.

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I’m Home and an awesome new OOTD.

I finally got home on Monday afternoon.  My mum was waiting in the airport and I was stuck behind these slow walkers…I was yelling (in my head) hurry up – because I could see her but these people were just dawdling along.

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What To Do

So as some of you already know I’ve been quite sick and have been in hospital recently.

I’m having trouble deciding what to do.

Move back home to NZ and stay there until December or stay in the UK.  I’ll probably go to Canada or The Netherlands in February to work.

My concern is that schools in the UK have attendance policies that mean children go to school with all sorts of illnesses.  That is why I got so sick.

I don’t want to jump the gun though.

What do you reckon I should do?


I Miss Home

It feels weird knowing that I probably won’t be going back to my childhood home to live.  I know it’s part of adulthood.  I just feel like I’ve made a mistake.  I think it’s those little things I miss.  For example, being able to talk to mum and dad whenever I feel like it.  Having a comfortable bed.  ‘Talking’ to the dog.  The beach.  The house.

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Weekend – OOTD and the Beach

Yesterday I went up to ‘the bach’ (what I call my place).  At the moment I am making the finishing touches – or rather, my dad is – so that I can get it rented out, get my mortgage down (mum and dad are kindly letting me stay at their home) and book flights to Europe.

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