Dancing In The Sun With A Pixie Cut

I had the most fun day today.  I went to Takapuna for a ‘Lindy Bomb’ – this means that we were promoting Swing Dance (in particular Lindy Hop).  So I spent about 45 minutes dancing in public.  That is something I would never have done a year ago.

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To Pixie Cut Or Not To Pixie Cut?

I’ve been going on and on in my posts lately about how I can’t wait for my hair to grow out.  But, this morning I made the mistake of going and looking at photos of me with my pixie cut.

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My Favourite Hair – Vintage Styles.




Mary Brian Marcel Waves

Joan Crawford Finger Waves




These are a lot of my old favourites from when I had long hair.

A lot of them are really easy to recreate.  You can check out youtube for tutorials or try it yourself.  Most of them are simple twists or rolls (kind of like Victory Rolls) or finger waves.  The above looks are how I used to style my hair everyday.  Curling is optional.  A simple plait at night will also suffice.  These looks are perfect for second day hair.  Now, with my pixie cut, I have to wash my hair everyday which is something I don’t like because it isn’t good for your hair!

Hair Inspiration: Diane Kruger

These were hairstyles I LOVED when I had longer hair.  I love plaits and I discovered so many cool new ways to wear them.

I am going through the stages of growing out my pixie cut and it feels like it’s going to take forever for it to get to my shoulders, or even my chin.


Here are my favourite Diane Kruger plait hairstyles:


I love how the plaits start on both sides and meet at the side.  I used to plait starting closer to my part on both sides.  Since my hair is very fair, it tends to fall out of hairstyles very easily unless it is pinned or styled securely.


I watched a lot of youtube tutorials to figure out how to do different types of braids e.g. fishtail, reverse braid (known as the ‘Dutch Braid’- the plaits are plaited the reverse/opposite way), waterfall, french plait.  That is part of the reason why I miss having long hair.  I would literally spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting hairstyles.



My Favourite Hair Tutorials

When I had long hair, I used to watch hair tutorials religiously.  I liked doing new hair styles with my hair.  My hair is very fine, so when I wore it down it just sort of hung there.  Now that I have a short pixie cut, I am desperately missing the different things I could do with my hair.  That is part of the reason why I am growing my hair out (the worst thing ever about pixie cuts is the growing out time.  At the moment I am sporting an almost-mullet. So cool).

I actually need some help with that.  Should I grow my hair out, or keep it short?  Bob length?

Anyway, back to the actual topic of this blog.  I am going to post some videos of my favourite youtube hair tutorials.

I mainly looked at Vintage/Retro hair tutorials, since that is wear most of my clothing inspo comes from!






This is a new one that I just found for short hair – inspiration for me!  I still have a way to go before my hair reaches chin length 😀



What I wore today ft Pipi the dog

I went to town today to get my hair cut and go shopping.
I didn’t buy anything.  I’m looking for a pair of black, high-waisted pants for interviews. So hard to find any and I came home empty handed.

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