Sunday at a Vintage Fair

On Sunday I ventured out in the cold to a Vintage Fair at St Stephen’s near Belsize Park.

It was definitely worth the effort, and I would love to give Soph, from Bamble Vintage, a big thank you for inviting me to the fair and letting me know about it!

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Spring Outfit Of The Day: Hearts

I love lace.  Pair it with a cute skirt and I’m ready to go!  This outfit boasts hearts and lace – so it’s a double whammy! And it is a perfect spring outfit for the start of warmer weather.

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Best Restaurant In Auckland

My ultimate favourite restaurant in Auckland is Dutch Delight.   I love this restaurant because the owner is friendly, the waitresses are friendly and the atmosphere is great.  I also love how they speak Dutch in there.  It reminds me of my family overseas!

The food is delicious.  It is so easy to overeat and then stand up and be like ‘omg….too full’.

They recently moved into a new shop (which is right next door to the old place!).  They have redecorated:


I got Patat Oorlog (which are frites/chips with peanut sauce, onions and mayonnaise).  Not in this photo.

I also got Satay Chicken Sticks with Garlic Bread and Salad.

Afterwards I got a Chocolate Cake and a Hot Chocolate with Cream.

Such a good meal.

I usually get Bitterballen too, but decided not to this time since I wasn’t overly hungry!

I give this restaurant a 10/10.

My New Favourite Chinese Restaurant

I love Chinese food.  Today my Mum, Dad and I went to a Chinese restaurant after my Mum and I got our hair cut.  We are both pixie chicks.  I don’t think I’d ever go back to long hair because I love short hair so much!

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Katey Bakes: Devils Chocolate Cake

This cake lives up to its name.  It is truly devilishly good.  It is one of those cakes that always turns out well.  Plus, it is fat free (well, margarine/butter free).

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