An Outfit Post.

Yesterday I went to London.  I decided to wear some summery gear because it was supposed to be hot…and it was.  It was probably one of the hottest days I have experiences here since moving here.

I wore a skirt I bought in Italy at a shop called Kocca.

It is beautiful and is made from a really lovely material.

I also wore a t-shirt from H&M.

My shoes were just my Primark flats.  They are pretty comfortable but really close to the ground so they can get a little bit sore on the heel of my foot.


Brick Lane, London


I chose my white kissing dolphin necklace from New Zealand and my Longchamp bag.


Here’s a close up shot of my sunglasses by Gucci – and my ‘desperately in need of a haircut’ hair.

Brick Lane, London

Peace out


Why I Love Going To Fashion Week

Fashion is my favourite thing on earth.  Truth be told, I have got a bit lazy lately with Fashion posts, but I just find that sometimes I get too much fashion focused and I end up buying too much stuff on Asos.

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Winter Teacher Fashion

Since I’m moving overseas soon (and moving into a winter much colder than I am used to) I decided to have a look at some good looks for winter.

I believe the teaching dress-code is quite different to the one in NZ.  SO I’ve been having a look for clothing and fashion looks that will be warm, fashionable and teacher-like.

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