w7 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

I love makeup, and since I recently went through all of my makeup (and threw some out), I decided to do a bit of restocking.

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OOTD and Makeup Look – NZ Fashion Week Style

To follow on from my last post – this is my Fashion week look.

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Simple Cateye Makeup Look

I’m sorry!  I was supposed to put this up yesterday but I was too busy sorting out my Media Kit.  If you want to check it out look at my new page ‘PR’ on the menu.

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A 1940s Styled Makeup Look

Last night I went to a Performance Ball for swing dance.  I was in one performance (second up, thank g-man).  I was so nervous because I had to be a lead for it (normally I’m a follow, but they didn’t have enough leads).

I will post the video up on here as soon as it comes online.  I only made one mistake…kind of went the wrong way..but oh well.

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Arabian Nights Themed Makeup

My sister was going to an Arabian Nights themed party tonight and asked me to do her make up.

I wish I had a makeup model all the time – it’s good to practise looks on people other than myself.

I used some glittery eye shadow that I bought a few years ago – I think it’s L.A. Colors, my maybelline liquid eyeliner and L.A. Colors gel eyeliner.  I also used her black mascara – I can’t remember which brand it is though!

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Pepitos Bar – Celebration Time and Makeup Look

My brother graduated with Honours (in history) today (he did his Bachelors, so this is one of his post grad degrees – as he graduated with post grad in Secondary School Teaching about 6 years ago).  I’m so proud of him.

For a celebration we went to Pepitos Bar in Milford.  It’s a Spanish Tapas Bar – it is so nice there.  The Churros are excellent. I highly recommend going there if you live in Auckland, NZ.  They are also opening a new one in Union Street, Auckland City (I think it’s on Union..).

I drank 2 big glasses of Sangria…probably not the best thing to do on a work night…but who cares!

Luckily I managed to get home early though, so I won’t be too tired tomorrow.

Here’s my makeup look for tonight – so the photo quality isn’t the best!

I used my LA Colors eyeliner pen – it’s so good and easy to apply.

I did a thick line of eyeliner on the top lid close to the eyelashes.  I always leave my bottom lid bare because that’s how I like it – putting eyeliner on the waterline on the bottom lid also makes your eyes look smaller.

Then I put white and beige eyeshadow over the whole lid and then put some charcoal colour close to the eyeliner line and on the crease.  I then blended the colours together.

I added a bit of mascara and the look was done.

I just wanted a simple, no fuss look for tonight that is easy to apply and wash off.

IMG_4095IMG_4096  IMG_4097 IMG_4098 IMG_4099

What’s your go to easily created makeup look for a dinner out?

How To: Cleopatra Makeup Attempt

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She was amazing as Cleopatra and I just LOVE this look:

For this look the drama is all in the eyes.  I’m not the best makeup artist, so everything I do is so that I can practise and get better and better!

This was a pretty simple look to create:

Step 1:

Outline the shape of the ‘flick’ using a eyeliner pencil. You want the top of the ‘flick’ to be at the end of the eyebrow (if your eyebrows are shorter you can lengthen them using an eyebrow pencil) and the end of the ‘flick’ needs to be angled down about a centimetre away from the top.

The flicky bit is thinner closer to the eye and gets wider at the eyebrow.

Step 2:

Go over the line using a liquid liner.

Step 3:

Use liquid liner to outline the whole eye.  For me, I never line the inside line of the eye (not sure what it’s called) because I am trying to prevent wrinkles.

Step 4:

Colour in the ‘flick’ with the liquid liner.

Step 5:

Use two different blues – light blue and a slightly darker blue.

Cover the whole lid right up to the eyebrow with the blue colours.  I simply mixed the colours together.

Colour in the flick
Blue colours I used.
What I used

Hope you all like this.  Makeup recreations are my favourite – such a great way to experiment with makeup.