w7 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

I love makeup, and since I recently went through all of my makeup (and threw some out), I decided to do a bit of restocking.

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My Daily Makeup Routine

In the middle of this year, I had a fairly intense makeup routine.  I’d use shadow, liquid liner, foundation and powder.  I’d carefully create a cat eye flick.  Now?  I’ve changed it up completely!

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Dipliner Eyeliner Review: LA Colours VS Isabelle Dupont

Earlier this year I bought two different liquid eyeliners.  LA Colours and an Isabelle Dupont liner.

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Maybelline Smoky Eyes 610

I have been on the look out for a good smoky eye liner for a while and when I was at NZFW I received this one, by Maybelline, for free from a goodie bag!  It is called Maybelline Smoky Eyes 610 Master Smoky by Eye Studio.  It’s in ‘Black Smoke’ colour.

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OOTD and Makeup Look – NZ Fashion Week Style

To follow on from my last post – this is my Fashion week look.

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Simple Cateye Makeup Look

I’m sorry!  I was supposed to put this up yesterday but I was too busy sorting out my Media Kit.  If you want to check it out look at my new page ‘PR’ on the menu.

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Arabian Nights Themed Makeup

My sister was going to an Arabian Nights themed party tonight and asked me to do her make up.

I wish I had a makeup model all the time – it’s good to practise looks on people other than myself.

I used some glittery eye shadow that I bought a few years ago – I think it’s L.A. Colors, my maybelline liquid eyeliner and L.A. Colors gel eyeliner.  I also used her black mascara – I can’t remember which brand it is though!

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A Tricky Eyeliner – Calvin Klein Electric Edge

I love liquid eyeliner, so when I got a free Calvin Klein Electic Edge (brown) liquid eyeliner pen for free in December last year, I was really excited.

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My Favourite Makeup Brushes – Beauty Tag

When I first got this tag, I thought ‘uh oh, I don’t really have any makeup brushes’.  Then when I sat down and actually thought about it, I realised that I do have more than one makeup brush.

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