Cleaning Out My Closet…And my room and my bookshelves.

I’m moving overseas in exactly 41 days.  I haven’t even started cleaning out my room yet.  I have managed to part with some dearly beloved clothes.  Other clothes I should part with (but can’t) are in a plastic bag on-top of my laundry basket.

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Top Twelve Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are ten fashion mistakes you should try to avoid!

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Feminism in the 1950s.

The 1950s for me represent a time when feminism and femininity were beginning to ‘cross boundaries’ in a way. This was a time where women were beginning to exercise their rights and question gender stereotypes and roles.  Women were able to work, however views towards them as housewives had not changed, despite the roles women played in during the Second World War.

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Style Star: Amal Clooney

I think Amal Clooney has a fabulous sense of style.  She always looks so well dressed!

I like the clothing choices she makes.

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20th Century Fashion

I love anything from the 20th century. The fashion changes were huge. People went from wearing floor length dresses to flapper, from flapper to the structured style of the 40s. There were hippies, punks, rockers – such an awesome array of people and styles and a huge amount of social change.

One day I hope to be able to wear any era – my wardrobe is slowly becoming full though and I no longer have enough space for shoes.

I was looking at the vogue website the other day and I saw Carey Mulligan in a Gatsby themed shoot.

I love this dress she is wearing.  The beading is exquisite.


This other dress she is wearing is beautiful too. I love the feathers at the bottom of the dress.  I also love the shoes.


The last dress kind of reminded me of Ginger Roger’s feather dress in Top Hat.  My future wedding dress right there.