Winter holiday inspiration

I’m currently hunkered down in a small motel. Well, when I say motel I really mean an old plane from the 1940s which has been converted into a motel room. The cockpit has another bedroom, however it is too cold to sleep up there tonight.

Since it has been so cold, I’ve had to think carefully about the sorts of clothes to wear. I’m not in Auckland anymore.

I haven’t had to wear this many layers since living in the UK. Crazy.

My favourite winter item is jumpers. I love jumpers. They are cozy and warm and suit so many different outfits.

I didn’t have much to do tonight once arriving at the motel, so I spent my time creating  new outfits.

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Lazy Day Sundays

Everyone has lazy days and I love nothing more than wearing a pair of comfy trackies at home, but I will not grace you with those photos.  Instead, I thought I would show you what I wear when I’m just having a lazy Sunday – which usually involves a walk along the beach and then a cup of tea at a cafe.

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Cleaning Out My Closet…And my room and my bookshelves.

I’m moving overseas in exactly 41 days.  I haven’t even started cleaning out my room yet.  I have managed to part with some dearly beloved clothes.  Other clothes I should part with (but can’t) are in a plastic bag on-top of my laundry basket.

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Op Shopping AKA Thrift Shopping Tips

It can be hard looking for quality clothes in op-shops these days.  Especially when a lot of Op-shops sell clothes for a hefty price tag (I’m looking at you Recycle Boutique and Tatty’s).  I question how these shops can call themselves op-shops if they sell clothes by Trelise Cooper etc? How are they vintage, retro or second hand.

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5 Great Online Shops

I love online shopping.  A lot of the time I put stuff into my ‘basket’ or ‘save it for later’ and drool over it until I think “Yes, I will buy it!”.

I find that buying from online stores (from overseas e.g. England, USA) is cheaper.  Clothes overseas are cheaper.  My sister is in the States at the moment and is wowed by how cheap all the clothes are there.  Even after converting the prices into NZ dollars!

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Red To Me Is Like Pink To Elle Woods

There are so many items of red in my wardrobe.  Dresses, tops, skirts (unfortunately no red shoes…but I’d love some ruby slippers like Dorothy’s) and bags.  My makeup drawer is littered with red lipsticks of all different red shades.  I have so many different shades of red nail polish that it is starting to get out of control.  It is like my colour, one I am guaranteed to look good in (if I may say so myself) no matter what shade of red it is.

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1950s Wiggle Skirt

Today I thought I’d finally get my 1950s wiggle skirt out of my wardrobe and see if there was anything I could wear it with.  I ended up pairing it with a pair of black seamed stocking (from the Warehouse for only $16!) and a blouse from Smoove Reworked Vintage.  The shoes are from the 1940s and made of velvet.  I recently got the shoes resoled because they were really slippery on the bottom.  They are NOS (New Old Stock, which means they are true vintage but never worn!).

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