3 Pairs Of Shoes I Absolutely Love

Shoes are probably my favourite item of all time.  Not so long ago I boasted 30 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe.  But, I have downsized since then and kept a ‘capsule wardrobe of shoes’.

It is so hard to just decide on 3 pairs of shoes that I LOVE, but I tried my best.

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Simple Cateye Makeup Look

I’m sorry!  I was supposed to put this up yesterday but I was too busy sorting out my Media Kit.  If you want to check it out look at my new page ‘PR’ on the menu.

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A Budget Girls Guide To Kendell Jenner

Kendell Jenner has cool fashion sense.  I think her style is quite different to her sisters.

Kendell can obviously afford to buy clothes that are WAY out of most people’s budgets.  However, don’t fret, her street style looks can easily be replicated by buying clothes from ‘budget’ shops.

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Spongebob Squarepants and Outfit of the Day

I got these amazing, awesome, totally fun socks a few years ago when I went to China.  I haven’t really worn them that much because they are bright yellow and I normally wear blue or black socks.

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Weekend – OOTD and the Beach

Yesterday I went up to ‘the bach’ (what I call my place).  At the moment I am making the finishing touches – or rather, my dad is – so that I can get it rented out, get my mortgage down (mum and dad are kindly letting me stay at their home) and book flights to Europe.

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What I Wore Today

This morning I went shopping (yes, I know I have previously stated I am taking a break from shopping, but I needed a new pair of jeans because all my other pairs have stretched because of the amount of elastic in them! This time I bought slightly more expensive jeans that will hopefully last longer!).

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Don’t have a cow! A blog post about the history of cowboy boots in fashion.

In 2005 I had my first brush with the popularity of the Cowboy boot.  I was in the orchestra for the stage show Oklahoma! at the high school I attended.

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Fashion Love: Cut Out Boots

I know that cut out boots became really popular in around 2013 or 2014.  At the time I was on the fence about them – I thought they looked cool, but they weren’t really something I’d wear.

I have officially changed my mind.  I don’t actually own a pair, but I just bought some on ASOS and am waiting for them to arrive.  Summer is slowly coming to an end (normally summer doesn’t ‘end’ until April – but sometimes, like this year, it is starting to get a bit chilly again) and I am really sad about that.  Summer is my favourite season.  However, I do love Winter fashion.

Kendall Jenner really made me realise that they do look good:

And so did Miley Cyrus:

These boots look nice with anything from dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans.  I googled the boots to see what people wear with them and it appears that Mom-style jeans look pretty cool.  So I bought some Mom jeans too.  Let me just say that I have been on a shopping splurge lately 😀

These are the boots I bought:

Image 1 of New Look Connie Cut Out Ankle Boots

They are New Look Connie Cut Out Ankle Boots.

Hopefully they arrive soon. I’ll post an outfit with them once they turn up!

The quote below is perfect for this post:

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’

Marilyn Monroe

Tea for Two and Balenciaga

Tea for Two

Today I went for tea with my mum.  We went to this little cafe called ‘Tea Total’.  It always smells nice.

I bought the boots a few weeks ago.  I love them because they are real leather, Chelsea style boots.

On another note, I was trawling the internet searching for sewing inspiration and I found this:

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014

There’s not much for me to say.  The dress is really pretty and I love the outfit in the first picture.