Why I’ve Been Quiet On Here Recently

I always used to blog.  I’d make sure I blogged twice a week.  But recently I’ve been quite quiet on here.   Moving to London and coming back to the UK from being home for a while has made me do a lot of re-evaluating (to be honest I am always re-evaluating) about my life and where I am going career wise.

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A Day In Utrecht

Utrecht is a place I have wanted to go to for a long, long time.  I have heard from many people that it is a beautiful place.  So, I decided to head there and see whether it was as beautiful as people had been saying.

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Hey everyone.

I wanted to post when on holiday but unfortunately I’ve been unwell and am in hospital in the Netherlands.

I was staying with my cousin and if it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t have gone to the hospital and I probably wouldn’t be here.

I’ll get back to writing as soon as I feel well enough.

What A Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, the birds are singing.  It’s a beautiful day to be alive.

I had a really good day.  It’s almost like I got my teaching mojo back.  For ages I’d just been really depressed about what I was doing…but yesterday I went to an interview and they were talking about using pictures and videos and everything that I used to do back home.

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5 Steps To Getting A Blogging Brain

Recently I’ve been struggling with blogging because it seems like I have nothing interesting to write about.  And I hate just writing rubbish and chucking it up on my blog for the sake of posting something.  So, I’ve been taking some steps towards getting my blogging brain back.  Hopefully this will help those of you who go through times when your blogging brain just isn’t working!

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Friday, Friday. OOTD and Dinner

Yesterday was Friday.  Finally.  I love the weekend.  I don’t want to wish my life away by being like ‘I can’t wait for the weekend’ all the time.  But Friday is by far my favourite day of the week.

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Mrs Rodial Youtube Channel Review

I was recently introduced to the Mrs Rodial youtube channel.  For those of you who don’t know, Mrs Rodial (Maria Hatzistefanis) is actually the founder of the Rodial brand.

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