1950s Wiggle Skirt

Today I thought I’d finally get my 1950s wiggle skirt out of my wardrobe and see if there was anything I could wear it with.  I ended up pairing it with a pair of black seamed stocking (from the Warehouse for only $16!) and a blouse from Smoove Reworked Vintage.  The shoes are from the 1940s and made of velvet.  I recently got the shoes resoled because they were really slippery on the bottom.  They are NOS (New Old Stock, which means they are true vintage but never worn!).

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Feminism in the 1950s.

The 1950s for me represent a time when feminism and femininity were beginning to ‘cross boundaries’ in a way. This was a time where women were beginning to exercise their rights and question gender stereotypes and roles.  Women were able to work, however views towards them as housewives had not changed, despite the roles women played in during the Second World War.

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1950s Prom Style

I have always loved the 1950s prom in ‘Grease’.  I love the dresses, the big skirts.

1950s prom style

If I could go back in time and wear a different Ball gown to my 7th Form ball, I would wear a 50s style dress.

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My Sewing Kit – 1950s Dress

This dress has been sitting in my sewing kit, waiting to be finished for a long time.  I started it when I was in my final year of university.  So it has been about 4 years in the making!  Everything was complete, I just had to hand sew the hem (my least favourite task because it takes so long!).  I finished it this morning and tried it on.  Unfortunately it is a little too big in the top (you can see that it is kind of baggy there) as I have lost a tiny bit of weight since I started making it.

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Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren was absoloutely stunning.  Her fashion sense was amazing and many of her clothing choices were timeless.  That means that they are things that you can wear nowadays.For example:

The striped top is very in-vogue.  I can see myself strutting around in this outfit anywhere in the world.  It’s a great outfit for traveling,

shopping and meeting up with friends.

Style Crush: Lauren Bacall

I love 1940s fashion.  For as long as I can remember I have watched movies from that time and just fallen in love with the style and fit of clothes from that time.

I love the tailored look.  And the makeup and hair.  For years I tried out doing victory rolls and pin curls.  Then I got a pixie cut.  Sometimes I wish I still had long hair so that I can do a Lauren Bacall style.  But then I think about how much I love having short hair.

Harper’s Bazaar May 1943, Lauren Bacall wearing a dress by Maurice Rentner

Above:  Lauren Bacall in Harper’s Bazaar, May 1943.

If I could dress like Lauren Bacall everyday, I would.

Lauren Bacall – 1950s

So stylish!


I’m going to try to put together an outfit tomorrow for my Lauren Bacall inspired piece 🙂

Quote of the day:

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly – Lauren Bacall.

I love that quote because it’s true!