Sunday at a Vintage Fair

On Sunday I ventured out in the cold to a Vintage Fair at St Stephen’s near Belsize Park.

It was definitely worth the effort, and I would love to give Soph, from Bamble Vintage, a big thank you for inviting me to the fair and letting me know about it!

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OOTD: A Vintage Affair

It’s no secret.  I love vintage clothes.  If I could afford to buy true vintage constantly, I would.  But unfortunately, vintage clothes are getting more and more expensive.

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Vintage 1970s Dress – OOTD

Today was the day I decided to bare my gorgeous, bright white legs to the sun.  Kind of.  I actually wore a pair of seamed, skin coloured stockings so as not to hurt anyones eyes.

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OOTD: 1930s Sweaters and Wine Red Skirt

I found the amazing shop called Rocket Originals when googling reproduction clothing sites awhile ago.  I love the sweaters that they have on there and could spend a paydays amount of money on the clothes – and sandals (which are just as awesome!).

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OOTD: That 1940s Tea Dress

I’ve been on a shopping spree lately.

My new favourite shop is

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OOTD And Birthday Party

Yesterday my new dress from turned up.

It’s the most beautiful dress I have ever owned (actually, one of..I have too many beautiful dresses to choose from).

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1950s Wiggle Skirt

Today I thought I’d finally get my 1950s wiggle skirt out of my wardrobe and see if there was anything I could wear it with.  I ended up pairing it with a pair of black seamed stocking (from the Warehouse for only $16!) and a blouse from Smoove Reworked Vintage.  The shoes are from the 1940s and made of velvet.  I recently got the shoes resoled because they were really slippery on the bottom.  They are NOS (New Old Stock, which means they are true vintage but never worn!).

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5 Steps To Become A Flapper (In The 21st Century)

It is hard to think of reasons why anyone would want to be a Flapper. NOT!  Flappers may be from the 1920s but they were from a time of societal change.  Steps towards gender equality were beginning to be made (mostly in terms of social circles, women working out of home – which was still rare at that time -, women being able to drive cars and what women could wear).

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