A Little Road Trip

This week I went on a little road trip around the central North Island of New Zealand. If you follow my instagram, you’d be able to see some of the photos that I took.

New Zealand is a very beautiful and picturesque place – I love taking photos here, and I love travelling around my own country.  I think if you travel in your own country it makes you appreciate where you are from even more!

We spent the first night in Waitomo, in a Bristol Freighter plane from the 1940s. It had been converted into 2 motel units. It was cold, but certainly an interesting experience.

The next morning we left early to get to Waitomo Glowworm Caves before the big rush! I hadn’t been to the Waitomo Caves since about 1995, so it was great to go back. The highlight was going down the underground river in a boat and looking at all the glowworms on the roof of the cave. We were not allowed to take photos.

This photo with the glowworms is not mine – I found it on google.  Click on the photo to follow the link.

waitomo glowworm tour

These next photos are all mine:

We then did a long trek from Waitomo to Ruakuri, via farm paddocks.  The caves are all made out of limestone, so they are pretty spectacular.

Waitomo to Ruakuri trek

After Waitomo, we drove to Rotorua.  It took us a very, very long time to find accommodation for the night as all the motels were booked out (normally we find a place to stay pretty quickly, but we forgot it was school holidays, which is bad because I am a teacher so I should really remember that I’m on holiday).

The next day we left early and went on a RailCruise from Mamaku to Tarukenga and then back. It was very interesting. Was definitely worth the time.

Mt TaraweraTarukenga

We then went for a walk in the Redwoods and did the Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua. It was there that I remembered why I am absolutely terrified of heights – I haven’t been up anything really high for ages because I know that I dislike heights…but despite that, I actually really enjoyed it.  The information was quite interesting. It is so important that people get out into nature more often.

Redwood TreeWalk Rotorua

This morning we left our accommodation early to go and get a delicious breakfast at our usual place – We love this place called Sequoia Eatery. They do really scrummy Granola, and if you are ever in Rotorua, I highly suggest going there for brekkie.


We spent the remainder of the morning at Te Puia.  It is a geothermal area with geysers, mudpools and hotpools. There is also a Maori Carving School and Weaving School there.

Te Puia Carving School

Now, we are in Tauranga to visit my sister. We may be climbing the Mount today.




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