Lazy Day Sundays

Everyone has lazy days and I love nothing more than wearing a pair of comfy trackies at home, but I will not grace you with those photos.  Instead, I thought I would show you what I wear when I’m just having a lazy Sunday – which usually involves a walk along the beach and then a cup of tea at a cafe.

One of my favourite purchases last year was a pair of Adidas sneakers. I bought these for walking to work because my other shoes were not comfortable enough for the long distance.

Once I moved to London, I didn’t wear them anymore as the public transport there meant I didn’t have to walk so far anymore.

So I kind of forgot about them.

I brought them back to NZ and only just started wearing them again.

They are so comfortable. I love the flower design on them too (which is why I bought them in the first place).

I usually wear jeans and a jumper with these shoes:

Lazy SundayLazy Sunday

Pretty chill.

adidas superstar limited edition
My adidas ❤

I’ve really grown to appreciate those days when I can just wear comfortable clothes – especially after a long week of wearing workwear. Jeans are a staple of my wardrobe on the weekend, especially since I’m not allowed to wear jeans to my school now.

I think I actually need to go through my wardrobe and sort out my workwear from my weekend wear. It’s so hard trying to rummage through and find my weekend wear now.

I’m actually being really good and spring cleaning my room. I read my old diary from my teen years and I was so angsty.

So, back to my look:

My jeans are from Just Jeans – they have a zip at the ankles which I love, because there’s nothing worse then getting your feet stuck in skinny jeans (happened the last few times I went clothes shopping – was a cardio workout trying to get the jeans off).

Just Jeans
Similar to mine.

The jumper is from Vero Moda (last years collection). Vero Moda is one of my favourite stores.

Vero Moda
Vero Moda – different to mine, but as close as I can get.

Shoes are Adidas Superstar. I think they were a limited edition pair, but I’m not sure.

adidas shoes
Different to mine – Mine are black with floral stripes. Couldn’t find the exact ones and these were as close as I could find!

And the jacket is from Kathmandu (the shop not the place).

I really want those white Adidas shoes now.  They had ones with rose gold toe caps too.

What are your favourite ‘lazy day’ clothes?



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