Tips for Shopping on a Budget.

Budgets. Aren’t they annoying? Those pesky little things you have to keep an eye on when you shop? Budget shopping is annoying, especially when you see something you really, really love. So, to help me when I have to shop on a budget, I just follow some of these steps.

How to shop on a budget:

  1. Have a set target in mind. This set target (how much you want to spend) will help you keep on track.  If your budget for the day is $100 – do you really need to spend $59.99 on a pair of jeans? Maybe go to the sale section and see what you can find. And, yes those Michael Kors shoes look AMAZING, but do you really need Michael Kors shoes, or can you get a pair that look similar (I would LOVE Michael Kors shoes though. To match my Michael Kors bag!).
  2. Visit op-shops/charity shops. I know, they stink. But ones like ‘Recycle Boutique’ and ‘Tatty’s‘ (NZ shops) are really good – there prices are mid range, but you can usually find items from shops like Zara for half the price.  Word of warning: before wearing – wash. What I miss most about London are the true Vintage stores. The stores that have items from the 40s up to the 80s. I grew up in the 90s, so I really do not need to wear dungarees and floral leggings. Been there, done that. Good shops in London are: Paper Dress Vintage, Beyond Retro, and Blackout II
  3. Go to cheap shops. These are the shops where the quality may be questionable. Unfortunately I am the sort of person who likes clothes that are good quality. But when you need a new pair of jeans on the cheap, and you don’t have the money to buy a pair of $59.99 jeans, then these cheap shops are good.  I seriously miss Primark – buying a pair of jeans for £7.99 was a new experience for me. I wish I stocked up before I left England. Shops in NZ – H&M (probably my favourite because they have such a good range of clothing and a range of different colours and patterns – and the quality is actually ok).
  4. Do internet shopping. Asos is probably one of my best friends. They constantly have sales and you don’t actually have to go out. Nothing is better than spending a cold Sunday, wrapped up in bed with tea and biscuits, shopping online. But be careful! The totals add up quickly (look at 70% off for bargain buys). Vero Moda and New Look are my favourite shops on there.
  5. Don’t shop.  If you have a limited budget, window shop. Have a look at the things you want. Try them on. Leave them. Wait a few more weeks until your budget has grown and then go and buy all those lovely new clothes. Don’t you just love it when you go shopping and you have all these bags of clothes. It is also really easy to fall into the trap of “I want such-and-such and I want it NOW!” And then you buy it and you actually never wear it. I’ve been guilty of doing that. Like the time I bought ripped boyfriend jeans, got them home and realised that they looked really dumb on me. Or the time I bought painted jeans (I bought them with my pocket money in 2005 from this shop called Supre – which my brother told me meant slut in French, but it doesn’t really), and by painted jeans I mean they were actually painted. I wore them everywhere because I thought I was so cool. I threw them out when I realised people were laughing at me.


So, budgets…do we really need them?

Yes, we do. I do. My wardrobe cannot fit anything else in it. So, by setting a strict budget for myself, I’ve been able to control my shopping and not buy so much. It’s actually cardio trying to get things off the hangers in my wardrobe now.  But would I through anything out? No fricken way!


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