Let’s go sailing

One of my favourite dresses at the moment is a Miss Patina sundress.

I found it at a second hand shop in Takapuna, Auckland. I actually intended to buy Miss Patina when I was living in the UK, but never got around to it!

So, it all seems like it worked out – maybe it was meant to be!

I love this dress because of the unique pattern – sailing ships, light houses, islands – it really is different and stands out.

Miss Patina dress

I love the back too – it has bows and is semi-open.

You can’t see the back in these photos as it is too cold out to wear it without a cardigan.

Miss Patina Dress

I paired the dress with a cardigan from Bamble Vintage and my brown lace ups from Hannahs. Bamble Vintage is an awesome shop on etsy.  I had the cardigan on my wishlist for the longest time!

The cardigan is super comfortable and cozy for winter – it’s a nice change from wearing black or other dark colours.

I don’t know what that shadow is at the side of the photo. Maybe a ghost?

Miss Patina

Anyway, click on the above link to go to Miss Patina – you won’t regret it!


p.s. I’m going to try to post more fashion blogs – I miss fashion!


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