Venice – A Beautiful City

When I was in Italy recently, I went to Venice.

And wow, it definitely did not disappoint.

Since I went on a Contiki tour, it was difficult getting time to myself as there were plenty of interesting optionals to do, but I decided to forego the optional for Venice, which was a 50 euro lunch and cruise to Burano.

I did feel sad to miss out on Burano, but I wanted to have a good explore of Venice’s city centre.

Luckily, there were two other girls who were not going for lunch.  We ended up going to the gorgeous little restaurant called La Zucca.

And man, the food there was delicious.  I had the most amazing vegetarian Lasagne. And, I cannot forget the chocolate cake.

Before we actually arrived at the main island, we went to Murano to a glass factory.  It was really interesting as we where shown how they make the different glass objects.

I bought some really nice earrings for my mum there and also a bead for my pandora bracelet and a necklace.

We then caught a boat to the city centre.  It certainly was a ‘wow moment’ when we were arriving – so many beautiful old buildings.

We went straight into a walking tour, which was ok – it was hard to stay together as there were so many windings alleys and it was difficult being able to take photos because there was barely any time to do so!

After the tour, when everyone else went to Burano, myself and the two other girls had a wander around before finding the restaurant.

We had to end up running back to St Mark’s Square, because our Gondola ride was at 5.  Unfortunately, the other people were running late, so we then had about 20 minutes before they arrived. Then we had to run to the Gondola place – we got there just in time for our ride.

I know many people say that the Gondola rides are too touristy and overpriced, but it was a really great experience being able to see the city from the Gondola’s point of view.

As you can expect, they were all wearing striped shirts.

Our Gondola driver even sang and then our Gondola and another group from the tour started singing ‘That’s Amore’ as we floated along.

Let’s just say that a few of the fellow group members had had a few drops of wine.

It really was an amazing day, full of new experiences and I really cannot wait until I go back to Venice!


Bridge of Sighs, Venice


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