OOTD: Owl You Need Is Love

Yes, the title is a pun.  It makes me laugh, but I can’t guarantee that you will.  (Honestly, who doesn’t love Owl puns?  And Otter puns too!).

My outfit today and yesterday (yes, I am a believer of wearing the same outfit two days in a row on the weekend), consisted of an owl dress from Middelburg and brown suede shoes from New Look.  My denim jacket is from Glamorous.

I am loving this outfit at the moment, hence why I wore it two days in a row. It is perfectly Autumnal and lovely for this weather.  It is neither cold nor warm.  That horrible in-between weather that makes it incredibly hard to know what to wear each day.  Somedays you need a jacket, somedays just a cardigan will suffice.

OOTD autumnal

Another reason why I love this outfit is because it is different.  I wear a lot of black usually, so it is really great being able to mix patterns and prints, and colours too, and get away with it!

This is a dress I wear year round (I am also a big believer of buying clothes that suit all seasons).  I don’t have a Winter wardrobe and a Summer wardrobe.  So, in summer I’d wear this with my rose gold sandals and I’m good to go.  If it is chilly I take my denim jacket with me too.

I love the design on the denim jacket. Most jackets appear to just be plain, but the reason why I got this one is because of the decoration on it.  It is a point of difference.  I’ve not seen anyone else wearing this jacket, but I’m sure there’d be girls out there wearing it…it was bought on Asos after all, so it’s not like it is one of a kind!

The only problem with the boots is that they are suede.  Which I do love!  I’ve put the suede protection spray on them, but I still get too scared to wear them on rainy days just in case they get ruined.  So these boots don’t often make their way out of my wardrobe.

brown suede boots

And, last but not least, my one accessory of the day is my puzzle ring that I bought in Florence.  It is made of a beautiful silver and takes me a long time to get it back together again (if I don’t put it back into the box it came in).  This is probably one of my favourite purchases overseas.

Puzzle ring florence

So there you have it.  An ootd post that is rather detailed.



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