Geometric Dress

One of my favourite dresses at the moment is a dress from Collectif Vintage in Camden, London.  It is a 1960s style dress and has a beautiful geometric pattern.

It always makes me feel like Twiggy and I try to style it with items that are reminiscent of that era.

The 60s was a very interesting time for fashion as the styles changed quickly.  Starting in the early 60s, the fashion was similar to the 50s.  However, as the decade moved along short skirts, high waists and bold patterns started to become more popular.

I love this dress so much because of the bold patterns on it! It is hard to find dresses with bright, bold patterns like this.  Many clothes I find, and own already, seem to be more monochrome (white, black etc).  It is also not too short and not too long.   So, this dress is like a breath of fresh air in my wardrobe.

Geometric 1960s dress

I accessorised the dress with my leather bag from Bath, UK and my leather sandals from Rome.  My sunglasses are from Gucci.

Let me know what you think!



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