I’ve been too relaxed to blog!

Once again, I apologise for the delay in my posting updates.  It seems like this keeps happening…I get too busy with life to actually work on my blog and write posts.

I’ve realised that I love blogging, but I only want to post quality…rather than quantity.  For a long time I was concerned about the number of likes and follows I got for each post, but I started getting bored because there is only so much I can write about fashion and travel.

So, I have been busy collecting ideas and drafting posts so that I can create articles and updates that I am excited about!

I have just got back to London after being away in Italy for 2 weeks.  So, expect some updates about each place I visited.

It was beautiful there.  I am struggling to choose my favourite place in Italy, each region and city I went to were diverse…each place had different things I liked about them!  I fell in love with Italy – the food, the culture, the people, the country.

I now have until the 5th of April living here in London…and then I am heading back to NZ.

It’s a shame because England feels more like home than NZ does now.


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