Sunday at a Vintage Fair

On Sunday I ventured out in the cold to a Vintage Fair at St Stephen’s near Belsize Park.

It was definitely worth the effort, and I would love to give Soph, from Bamble Vintage, a big thank you for inviting me to the fair and letting me know about it!

I had a really great time browsing the stalls and enjoyed listening to the jazz music (which made me want to start dancing) as I wandered around.

St Stephen's Vintage Fair London
St Stephen’s Vintage Fair

I did have a look for Soph, but she was the first to recognise me.  Despite having talked on Twitter, we’d never actually met in real life.

She was as lovely in person as she is on twitter.  And her stall was fab!  I scored a beautiful cardigan – that I’d had my eye on for ages.  I can’t wait to start wearing it as I have the perfect outfit organised for it this weekend.  I will leave you all in suspense though as I am not going to photograph it until this weekend.

I also have a really bad obsession with cards and picture prints. So, I of course visited a stall that sold vintage style cards and bought a fair few of them.  I also picked up a beautiful print, that the man told me was from 1936.  I don’t know what it says though as it is in French.  I probably should have asked…but if anyone knows what it says, please let me know.

It was really busy at the fair.  Almost everyone was dressed in some kind of Vintage style.  My outfit was a 1960s style dress from Collectif Vintage in Camden (they also have one in Spitalfields).  I am lurving 60s style lately.

Vintage cards
Vintage cards


Vintage picture
Vintage picture

After I left, I quickly made my way back to Victoria as I needed to get home in time for a roast dinner.  My lovely landlady made a roast and invited me along.  There was no way I was going to miss out on a roast!  Putting a photo here to make everyone jealous:

Roast Dinner
Roast Dinner OMG NOM

I hope you all are having a productive week.

I went to work today but was sent home because they didn’t need me.  I think I needed a day home though as I have been feeling rather poorly the last few days.  A blessing in disguise.



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