Treasures from my Travels


I love finding little treasures when I travel.  Some of my favourite things are very unique to certain countries and some I have found at little markets.  It’s funny how these little things remind me of holidays or weekend breaks.

I love wandering around places I’ve never been to before and finding beautiful things to take home.

One of my favourite things is this bag from the Indonesian Fair in the Hague.  Annoyingly enough I also recently saw this at Portobello Market.  So, if you are a Londoner and don’t feel like going all the way to the Indonesian Fair in the Hague, just pop along to Portobello and barter for it there!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.44.55 PM

I also got the beads and the scarf from the same market. As you can see, I really like the colour red.


Another treasure I’ve picked up on my travels is this pretty bracelet from Bergamo, Italy.  I stumbled upon a little market on a Sunday in May and I just had to buy one of these bracelets. It is made out of buttons and is very unique!



My ultimate favourite will have to be this pearl inlaid box I bought in Vietnam in 2009.  It is something I treasure to this day and I keep very good care of it. I think that is probably the most precious out of these treasures.  I keep my earrings in it.


Now, I know that I have only posted about 3 items, but these are the items I treasure greatly.

What do you buy when you travel?  Do you have anything you treasure from you travels?


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