Holiday Time

Wow, the last few weeks have flown by.  It feels like yesterday that my mum and dad flew in.  I can’t believe it is their last day here tomorrow as we fly out in the evening to go back to NZ.  I am going home for about a month as my sister is getting married.

Over the last few weeks, we have been doing a lot of travelling.  We had a good week in London and then went for a road trip around – Canterbury, Dover, Brighton, and then over to Bath.

London was beautiful as usual.  There is so much to do there that mum and dad didn’t get to see everything.  Oh well, there will be plenty to do for next time then!


We were only in Dover for a little bit and went for a walk round the White Cliffs of Dover.


I love Bath. It is one of my favourite towns to visit and I always find something new.  It is a beautiful place and I really enjoy going round Bath and Frome.  The vintage shops are fantastic.  I did find a beautiful 1930s Chinese dress that fit perfectly, except my hips were too big.  I was understandably very upset by that!

We had a delicious pub dinner yesterday at Sam Weller’s in Bath, a small traditional pub (see food photos above!).


Today we drove from Bath to Windsor.  We went through Chippenham, which is where my Aunt lived many years ago.

We turned up in Windsor quite late and then went for a walk in Windsor and had dinner at a pub again.  A traditional pub too!  So that was very nice for mum and dad.


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