Winter Wonderland, Highgate Cemetery and Kyoto Gardens.

I’ve been so incredibly busy over the last few weeks, that I’ve hardly had the time to update my blog.  My social life has started to take over!

Last Friday I started my weekend off with a visit to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.  A very busy day to go!  Despite that I still had fun and saw the Nutcracker on Ice.  I am wowed by how talented the ice skaters are – it must take so much discipline!

My friends and I had some market food and Mulled Wine.  It was absoloutely freezing, and it started to rain, so we decided to head home early.

On the Saturday I went to Highgate Cemetery.  It is a hauntingly beautiful place and is one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Cemeteries.

We found Karl Marx’s memorial and also did a tour of the West Cemetery.

It was very interesting and I highly suggest going there.

Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable and took the time to answer any questions we had.

The Cemetery is apparently haunted, and I can see why people think that it is!  It isn’t scary by day, but at night it’ll be a different story.  All the trees growing over the graves give it a decidedly scary look.


After going to Highgate we decided to go to Kyoto Gardens.  I was staying near Wimbledon with my friend (so that we could have a full on tourist weekend – she is heading home soon – all my friends are leaving me!).

Whilst there we witnessed a proposal.  It was really sweet – the man was down on one knee (future hubby take note) and had prepared champagne and a little picnic. Very romantic!


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