Favourite Winter Essentials

Despite how much I hate cold, I really love winter fashion.  I love wearing skirts and chunky knit tights/stockings.

I get a lot of inspiration for my winter outfits on pinterest.

You may notice that most of my favourite looks involve short skirts.  I don’t know why, but I’ve really got into wearing short skirts lately.  I think they are cute and I especially like thicker material short skirts e.g. woollen, suede, cord.

short skirt.jpg

The above skirt is made out of 100% wool sourced by Yorkshire’s Abraham Moon & Sons mill.  I love this skirt because it is a classic British tweed.  It looks like the perfect skirt for winter and for work.  I would also wear it in summer time.  They are currently selling for about $106 US.  So it is something I am saving up for.  The plus side is that the company selling these skirts ship world wide.  And it brings up another question – if it’s an American company selling them, I wonder if I can find the shop selling them in the UK?

You can find the Abraham Moon & Sons website here.  I have fallen in love with their heritage section.



Another item I love at the moment are scarves.  I’m not fussy.  I love pashminas, tartans, silk, cotton.  The list goes on.  I really think that they add something to an outfit.  I always enjoy wearing one that is colourful.  Especially since my outfits are normally covered up with my warm black coat.  That means I look like I’m just wearing black on black.

bik bok skirt

The scarf I’m wearing in the above picture is one I picked up in Edinburgh.  It is made in the British Isles out of Scottish wool.  I love it.  The colours go well with many clothes (as there are hints of green and mustard).


Stockings in an array of colours is also another favourite Winter accessory of mine.

I currently own brown, black, grey and maroon.  It’s good having different colours because it’s nice having a bit of variety.  Having different coloured stockings livens up Winter a bit. I also like stockings in different patterns e.g. knitted patterns etc.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.31.20 AM
Different patterned stockings which I would NOT wear in Winter time in the UK…but ok in NZ 😀

Winter coats are definitely an essential.  There is no way I would be able to live without one.  I have a white one and a black one.  The black one is the one I wear more often as it goes with everything.  The white one is a going out one, which I really should wear more often.

It is important to get a good quality coat.  My black one I’ve had since I was 17 (and truthfully, it is getting a little bit old but it is so comfortable) and it is made out of wool.   I bought it at Paddington Coat Factory in Albany, New Zealand (the shop is no longer there unfortunately) for my first Europe holiday in 07-08.

Black woollen coat = staple of my wardrobe.

The above picture also shows a few more of my favourite Winter essentials.

One is knit tops – perfect, cozy and warm for chilly weather.

Jeans – something I really cannot live without.

Brown boots.  I have many pairs of black shoes and boots, but I love being able to wear a different colour because all black can get a bit boring sometimes.


What are you Winter essentials?


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