A Weekend in London

Wow, what a weekend I had!  It was so busy but definitely one of my favourite weekends I’ve had in the UK so far.

On Friday night I went into the City to watch the play ‘Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’.  It was probably the best play I have ever seen and it was really interesting and educational.


This play is all about a boy with Aspergers.  He finds a dog, dead, in the night and launches a huge investigation about it.

There were funny bits, sad bits and lots of food for thought.

Before the play my friend and I went to China Town to eat dinner.  It was such a rush but we managed to get our meal on time and then get to the theatre.

After the play we walked round Leicester and saw the giant Lego Big Ben.  I can’t believe that they actually made a Big Ben out of Lego.  It must have taken them ages to complete it!

On Saturday I went to the London Foodie Festival in Brick Lane with two friends.  We spent a good amount of time trying food and drinking.  I bought a couple of beautiful cupcakes (which were delicious and expensive but definitely worth every pound I spend on them!).

We then made our way to Spitalfield’s Market.  We saw some rather dodgy looking Christmas jumpers.  We were going to buy some jumpers at the market but decided to head to Primark in Stratford instead.  But, the line was so long that we gave up and went to the O2 to watch some tennis.

Dodgy jumpers at Spitalfields.

I saw Novak Djocovic warming up and managed to get a photo of him.  I actually had no idea who it was and was wondering why there was a huge crowd around the fenced off area by the tennis courts…I only found out when someone said who it was!

It really is so nice being in London now and being able to meet up with friends!


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