Piccadilly Circus and Carnaby, London.

London is my go to place on the weekend.  It is busy and there is always something to do at the weekend.   This weekend I chose to go to Piccadilly Circus – I wandered around for ages and had a fantastic time looking at the beautiful old buildings and the shops.

I managed to find Fortnum and Masons.  I think I’m going to go back there after being paid to buy some things for Christmas.  I found a gorgeous present there for my mum.

It is so easy to walk around to different places from Piccadilly – I prefer walking round the sights than catching the tube.

I wandered down from Piccadilly and ended up at St James’ Park and walked round Buckingham Palace to Green Park and towards Fortnum and Masons.

I spent so long in that shop – the tea, the food, the silverware.  Everything is just so beautiful looking.

When I was there, I decided to wait around until dark because I wanted to take some photos of London at night.  I am so glad I stayed late because it really is different at night.

I just love the way the lights reflect on the water.  It is honestly such a beautiful city and I am so lucky to be living here.

I had a really fab day in London.


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