Bromley South Shopping Haul

Today I went to Bromley South to go to the shops.  I think I will go there quite often for shopping or days out.  It is a nice place to go as there are lots of good shops e.g. Next, Primark, Topshop.

It’s a nice place to go because it isn’t as busy as central London.  Central London can get a bit overwhelming at times.  It’s always busy.

I went to Bromley to get a few clothes for work.  I’m starting work next week and I decided I needed a few things that were suitable for work and also for going out.

I found a gorgeous red shift dress at Topshop.  It was only £10 on the sale rack.

When I go to Topshop I only ever look at the sale rack.

Topshop dress

Primark isn’t a shop I go to a lot – it is cheap and not so good quality but at times you can find good things.  I wanted to get some brown brogue type shoes but the ones there didn’t look so good on me so I just got some brown heeled lace up boots instead.

I guess they do look similar to brogues.

Primark boots

I also found this cute long sleeved top – perfect for work and also for going out.  It has a blingy collar.

Primark shirt

It is perfect for Autumn and Winter. It is starting to get cooler.

I also bought these insoles for my black ballet flats.  Since I am on my feet all day I need to ensure that my feet don’t get too sore.

Primark insoles

I had a really nice day out and about.  It is good getting to know the area I’m living in now.  And it is so nice being close to places!

I’m off to Westminster in London tomorrow for a scavenger hunt that I am really looking forward to.  I decided to do this in order to meet new people.


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