Boots Traditional Cold Cream Review.

Earlier this year I bought cold cream at Boots. I’d read about it before and thought that I’d like to try it.

I actually don’t use it that often. Maybe once a week.  It is a great product and I use it to just moisturise my skin.

I use it only once a week because I think if I used it everyday it’ll leave my skin feeling greasy.

I have a variety of products that I use – a blackhead exfoliating scrub, a Simple face cleansing wash and a cleansing face wash from Harrods.

I think it is important to have a variety of face washes. For me it is because my skin does get used to products quickly if I use them everyday. It’s the same with shampoo.

The Boots Cold Cream feels like it replenishes my skin and makes it moisturizer and soft.  The other day my nose was really dry (no idea why but it was like that for a few days in a row). After using the cold cream the dryness of my nose went away and my skin was nice once more.

i actually love the feel of the cold cream on my skin.

It is cool, and I always gently rub it in to my skin and leave it for about 30 seconds before washing it off with warm water.

However, if you decide to get this product ensure you wash it off completely as there is nothing worse than a greasy feeling face.

This particular cold cream has been made since 1900.  So if you want a good, old fashioned skin care product, I highly suggest you get it.




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