I’ve Moved To London

So, my dream has at last come true.  I’ve escaped Clacton and am now living in London.

It’s in a place that is on the outskirts of London as I am going to be doing supply teaching in schools in South East London.

I have been busy packing/unpacking and am just starting to go through the things I do not need anymore.

I am still quite homesick and so I am looking forward to starting supply teaching.

I hope it goes well.  I did do a little bit of supply teaching in NZ when I was on holiday there and I really enjoyed it.  It was great being able to just walk in and out of the classroom and not have to worry about reporting, testing, parents or meetings.

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how to meet people in London.  I don’t really have many friends here.  There are people I know – but I haven’t seen them for quite some time.  I’m looking at joining some clubs (e.g. a book club) so that I can meet new people.


What would you suggest?

People have told me that London can be quite a lonely place if you don’t know anyone.


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