A Day Out In London

I arrived in London on Monday afternoon and went straight to the hostel to sleep.

I’m surprised at how hard it found it to leave NZ this time.   The first time I left I was really excited and maybe a tiny bit homesick. This time I just didn’t want to go.  Maybe because I had a cold that last week in NZ.

But anyway, I’m here now and have already found a flat to live in in South East London.

Yesterday I moved from my hostel to one in central London.  Unfortunately my bag is really heavy and tricky to cart around.  I wasnt sure if I’d be coming back to the UK after my holiday back home so I took everything with me just in case.

After dropping my things off at the hostel I decided to head out to Hyde Park.  I got off near the Natural History Museum and had a bit of a look round there.

It was very interesting.

Next I went for a walk to Hyde Park and sat near the Royal Albert Hall. It was so hot yesterday…about 33°C.

I ended up going back to my hostel for a bit to have a nana nap before heading off to view the flat.

I had an alright day. I’m trying to keep busy so that I don’t keep thinking of home.



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