My Moving Preparation

I am going to be moving to London from Clacton-on-Sea in about 2 weeks.  I arrive back in the UK on the 12th September and I am looking forward to getting back and having a bit of time to settle in and find out what schools I will be in.

I always like to be well-prepared and don’t like things being too last minute, especially when it comes to moving.

Here are a few things I always do when moving:

  1. Pack everything except the essentials.  Luckily before I left for NZ I packed everything.  My old landlady has let me leave my things at her place until I get back to the UK.  Such a lifesaver so I don’t have to bring everything home.
  2. Create a to-do list.  I love lists.  I write everything down so that I can see it in ‘black and white’.  I don’t do well with keeping lists in my head because it makes me stressed.  To-do lists means that I can physically check everything off when finished.  For example, my most recent one (before leaving for holidays) was to take my unwanted items to the op-shop and another was to throw out food that I wouldn’t need.
  3. I look at different moving options.  e.g. if I need to rent a car or if I should just get a mini-van taxi to move my things.  I look at whether public transport would be viable (no thanks – especially with 2 large suitcases and 2 small bags plus a bike).
  4. I look for accommodation.  I usually stay at hostels, but since I will be moving and working when I arrive in London I will get a private room – I will be getting called in the morning from the recruitment agency to let me know if I have work for that day.
  5. I pack in advance.  There is nothing worse than moving and packing the day before or the morning of.  I packed about 2 weeks before I came home for the holidays.  Yes, I had to rummage through my suitcases every morning for something to wear, but at least I was well organised by the time I had to leave.  When I moved to the UK I had packed all my things, but then realised that my suitcase was too small, so I ended up getting one on Christmas Day (which was the day before I left).  A lot of stress was had that day.
  6. I chill out.  I hate being stressed and I think it is a waste of time to worry about things that in the end don’t really matter.  Before I left for my holidays I would do a little bit of work and then spend the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the sun and having a drink.

Moving really makes you look at the things you own and helps you decide whether you really need that cat jumper or those heels that are too high to ever be worn.

When you are moving, (whether it is jobs, house or country) what do you do to ensure it isn’t stressful?



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