My Favourite Beauty Products

Over the last year I have found a few beauty products that I really love.  They are products that suit my skin type and colour.

A favourite brand of mine is Rimmel.  It’s not overly expensive but it is better than dollar shop makeup products.

I particularly like the Lasting Finish Rimmel Primer and Concealer.

The primer covers well and makes it a lot easier to apply the concealer.  The concealer is matched to my skin tone too, so that means it doesn’t make my skin orange or really pale.

The other products I like to use are:

No 7 felt tip eyeliner.

Clear mascara.

Covergirl powder.

Isabelle Dupont foundation.

W7 Eyelid primer.



The foundation and the powder have lasted a very long time.  I got the foundation at a makeup store – it was matched to my skin tone.  I only ever use a little bit of foundation because my skin is clear enough. So I don’t really need to wear a huge amount of concealer or foundation.

I never put the foundation directly on my face.  I put a bit on my hand and then dot it onto my face before brushing it in.   I find putting a little bit of foundation on at a time means that I don’t end up applying too much makeup.

I also only put a little bit of powder on because I don’t want to make my face look too dry and powdery.  The powder is just used to set my makeup.

The W7 Eye lid primer or eyeshadow base is a product I have had for about a year.  I didn’t start using it again until recently.  It is a matte primer and makes it so easy to put eyeliner on (I just use it on my top lid).  I very rarely wear eyeshadow these days.  I tend to just wear eyeliner.  The primer makes creating a cat-eye so much easier.

The No 7 felt tip liner pen wasn’t a product I really liked at first (see my post about it here).  I found it tricky to apply.  However, over the last 6 months I have found it increasingly easier to apply.  It’s probably one of my preferred liners now.

And last but not least – my clear mascara.  My only product from a dollar store.  It isn’t that bad – I’ve actually been buying it since the mid-2000s.  I just don’t want to spend over $20 on a mascara that is clear.   I like clear mascara for everyday use.  I also use it on my eyebrows to keep them in place.

Does anyone have any makeup products they can’t live without?


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