Poser OOTD

I’m such a poser.  Honestly.  Normally for OOTD posts I try not to pose to much.  But I really like taking silly photos and these ones in this post actually turned out pretty well.

Unfortunately my phone is starting to run out of space and I have to keep deleting photos.  I guess this means I will have to save all my photos on a USB so I can have a clear phone again!

Anyway, my OOTD for today consists of a Peter Pan collar shirt from Boohoo and my favourite jeans from NZ Fashion Week last year.  I also wore my black leather ankle boots which are a staple of my winter wardrobe.  They have lasted a long time and I have just got them resoled because the heel had a hole in it!

Brooke Shields Pose OOTD

My mum has got me really into the Brooke Shields pose for her jeans ad from the 80s.   I will have to have a look through google to see other poses to do.  Maybe I will make my instagram feed more posey for the lols.

We went to town (we being my mum, dad and I) to pick up the cake for my Opa’s birthday tomorrow.  He is turning 80.   The cake looks amazing.

I stopped in at Smoove – my favourite shop in the world.  I have missed it heaps.  It recently moved to K Road in Auckland.

I wasn’t going to buy anything.  Then I decided to buy just 1 dress.  Then I couldn’t choose so I bought 2.  My mum actually told me to get both dresses.  That was a bit of a surprise!

They are beautiful dresses.  Since my phone has now run out of space I will have to do a seperate post about them.  They are beautiful dresses.


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