Favourite Vintage Shops: London

I have frequented a lot of vintage shops whilst living in the UK.

Especially ones in London.  There are so many and they range from cheap to very expensive.

I have managed to find quite a few nice items while browsing their shelves.  Sometimes I buy and sometimes I don’t.  So this list will be based off atmosphere and browseability (which may or may not be a word).

My ultimate favourite will have to be:

Paper Dress Vintage

I bought the most beautiful gold mod dress from the 60s there.  The shop assistant was friendly and helpful.  I believe there is a cafe or something above it.  There were a lot of beautiful clothes there and I tried on so much that I thought I’d annoy the shop assistant.

There is a range of fur and winter coats from a variety of decades.  They also had a cute little white Victorian blouse that I wanted as well but it was just a bit too small.

The prices here would be mid-range.



2) Cafe Vintage

This cute little shop is the perfect spot for a cup of tea and a sammie.  They have a small selection of vintage clothing.  The clothing they have though is fantastic.  They are carefully selected and, although I didn’t buy anything, there were a few pairs of shoes that I wanted to get.  I am going to make it one of the first places I go to when I get back to the UK.


3)  Vintage Emporium.

This is a cool place.  No really, it is cool.  Old furniture, vintage clothes (downstairs), yummy cakes and tea upstairs.  I love how places are mixing vintage clothes shops with cafes.  I had probably the most delicious chocolate muffin here.  The clothes also vary in decades.  It’s worth a visit to lust after the exquisite pieces here. The prices are a little (or a lot) out of my price range.


4) Absolute Vintage.

I bought a cute 1970s dress from here.  Although I had to sadly part with it when going through my wardrobe and organising my move out of Clacton.  When I went to Absolute Vintage it was a toss up between this dress and a stunning dress from the 30s.  Unfortunately my chest was slightly too chesty for the 1930s dress (which is never normally the case with me).  Absolute is the perfect place to go to to pick up vintage clothing on a budget.  It’s great if you have a themed party to go to.  It’s also great for just everyday outfits!

It’s the sort of place where you can spend a long time just looking for the perfect items.  If you are there for long enough you are sure to find a gem!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.10.51 PM.png


I hope this post inspires you to go vintage shopping!

I may add some more to this post when I arrive back in the UK.



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