The Mods and the Miniskirts

One of my favourite fashion eras is the 60s.

Fashion changed so much within a short space of time and I am quite in love with miniskirts.

A lot of people I have talked to (who weren’t born or alive in the 60s) say that the miniskirts back then weren’t that short…however, I have one miniskirt from the late 1960s which is so short I cannot bend my knees or kneel down.

My ultra-mini miniskirt.

Unfortunately I pulled it out of my suitcase when I got home to show my mum and my dad was just like “what the hell is that?”.

Thanks dad.

Mary Quant was one of the first people to design miniskirts.  And probably the most well known for this.  I didn’t actually know it, but French designer André Courrège, started creating skirts above the knee as well.  So there has been a long debate about who actually started the mini-skirt craze.

Here is a video of her at work and one of her fashion shows:



Twiggy was one of the most famous people to have worn miniskirts.

Go Twiggy!  She’s probably one of my favourite people from the 60s.

Brick Lane, London

She is so iconic she has ended up in Brick Lane.

Another celeb from that time, Jean Shrimpton, also popularised the mini look:



Jean Shrimpton wore this dress to Melbourne Cup with no stockings, gloves or hat.  Which was, for that time, a ‘no-no’.  I think that it’s great that she stepped outside the fashion boundaries for that time.  And yes, the above dress was classified as a mini-dress for those days.


Mary Quant was a mod too – she wore her own designs.

I think the miniskirt is such a cute look and I really love how there are different designs and shapes.  Some are floaty whilst some are more structured and A-Line.



The above shot is one of my favourite true vintage minidresses from the 60s.  Sorry about the lighting.  I don’t have it with me in NZ – it’s still in the UK (I will be reunited with it when I’m back in the UK).  It is crimplene, gold and beautiful.

This next dress is actually from Topshop – although it is new, it has quite a 60s look to it:


And, it is also super easy to find old patterns at op-shops or charity shops that are from the 60s.  You can also find reproduced patterns at craft stores (in NZ the best shop to go to is Spotlight).  This dress is made from a reproduced Simplicity pattern from the 60s:

Twiggy Style
1960s Mod Dress

Mod-dresses are super easy to make because they are pretty much just a tunic or a piece of material with arm holes.  I sometimes cinch them in at the waist, just for a bit of shape.  I have 2 more of these dresses.  One white with black polkadots and another white one with multicoloured polkadots.  I’m thinking of making one that is just for winter, as the ones I have already are not suitable for winter.

The next dress I bought at Portobello Market.  They have a tonne of these sorts of dresses there.  They are also at Spitalfields Market.  If not this identical one, ones that are pretty similar in terms of length and style:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.16.42 PM.png

And last but not least:

Asos usually has great miniskirts.  This one I bought a few years ago – it is Asos brand and is knit material.  Great for summer and winter.  I can’t find it on the shop anymore though.

OOTD Summer 2015

I love mod fashion.  The 60s was surely an interesting decade.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I enjoyed writing it 🙂



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