Green Jeans and Brown Suede Boots.

I’m doing so many ootd posts lately because I have a fantastic photographer again. I’ve so missed not having someone to take my photo. Won’t be long until I’m back balancing my phone on things though!

This is actually my ootd post from yesterday. I’m so busy that I’ve been having to do posts from the day before on my blog. Hopefully I can catch up today though.

Yesterday I tried out another outfit I have never worn before.

Green jeans, suede boots and my 1940s style knit from Rocket Originials.

My black coat pulled the whole look together.

I love these knit tops because they are fitted and look cute.

I’ve put on a bit of weight, which was actually needed, and have a slightly different shape now. It’s probably not that obvious to you but it is to me. Before I was super skinny and was always concerned about putting weight on.


Now I am happy in my body.

Before I forget, here is a photo of my ootd:



I hope you like this outfit as much as I did.




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