A Sunday Summer Bike Ride and OOTD

Today, my last Sunday in Clacton, I decided to bike along the Prom to Frinton.

It is a really lovely bike ride along the Prom.  It was sunny and such a nice day to be outside.

The bike ride along the Prom is great because there are so many places to stop and have a break.  I was going to take a picnic, but then I decided not to because it was so hot.  I wanted to bike along and feel the wind in my hair and cool off.

I stopped at Frinton for an ice cream before biking back.

I think I ended up doing about 2.5 miles.  Great exercise…but my legs will be killing me tomorrow.

I highly suggest doing this bike ride.  It is a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.




My bike ride outfit today was a pair of denim high waisted shorts from the 1950s.  True vintage – the best ebay find ever.  I got wet patches on my arse though, which is why I started tying my cardie round my waist.  That’s how hot it was!

I paired them with my blouse from Monki –  I like it because of the mustard colour.  I tied it up at the waist for the cooling effect it had.

I really like this top because it is cool and perfect for this weather.

My hat is from Australia and always almost blows off into the sea.  My glasses are Gucci.

I’m actually sending my bike back to NZ because I won’t be using it in London and I don’t want to sell it as it was very expensive and my mum wants to use it know 😀

I’m loving this summer weather.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “A Sunday Summer Bike Ride and OOTD

    1. Thank you 🙂 I never thought I’d like a selfie stick but I’m actually really glad I bought it. I no longer have to balance my phone on random things to attempt a photo with me in it. They are definitely one of my wardrobe favourites 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your blog. Thank you for your comment.


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