5 Things I Love About England

So, I have been living in England for just over 6 months (wow, has it really gone that fast?).  In order to celebrate I thought I’d do a little post about the things I love about England.

  1. Queues.  They are so quaint.  Ok, so we have queues in NZ too – but just for supermarkets and for getting on planes etc.  Here they seem to queue for everything.  Once I was on the ferry from the Hoek of Holland to Harwich.  At the end everyone started queueing for a lift that wasn’t working.

2.  The sayings.  I have never heard ‘corker’ or ‘alright’ so much in my life.  Every where I go I seem to hear someone saying ‘he/she is a corker’ or being asked if I’m ‘alright’.   My students also seem to put ‘yeah’ at the end of every sentence.  I still don’t know why.

3.  The travel.  There are so many beautiful places to go to in England.  I LOVED Bath.  Yes, I had to put loved in capitals because it is an amazing place full of history and romance (thanks Jane Austen).  I spent a lovely week there in February. And I plan to go back.  It’s the sort of place I dream of.

The Shambles

4.  London.  Yes, I know.  London isn’t the only cool place in England.  But there is always so much going on there (and it is the easiest place to get to from Clacton.  I’ll be living in London after September so I will be able to go to many other places).  I love Portobello Market and Brick Lane.   I also love the National Gallery.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.59.52 PM

5.  The transport systems.  I love how it is so easy to just hop on a train or a Nat Express bus and be off.  The transport system is really good here (however, there have been a few times when I’ve been trying to get home and have had to wait hours because of track issues or fatalities).

So, there you have just 5 of the reasons why I love the UK.   It was hard to make this list just 5 reasons and I had to cull a lot of ideas.

I’m going to put some more photos on here soon for each reason – just having trouble finding them as I prefer to use my own photos and can’t remember which folder I have put them into!


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