Six Months of Travel Dreams

After August I am planning on doing a lot more travel.

Just so you know, I quit my job because I was very unhappy and have decided to do a guaranteed supply teaching contract in London.  I have heard mixed things about it. But I am just looking forward to having a little more time to focus on me and what I want to do.

I am thinking of volunteering at V&A Museum if possible on weekends too.   However, my dream of working at a magazine is still important to me.


However, over the next 6 months I would love to travel to these places:

  1. Dublin, Ireland.

Ireland is somewhere I have wanted to go to for a long, long time.  It always seems like a really friendly place…judging by movies and what friends have told me.  And, I also love the Irish accent.


2. Cornwall, England.

I have heard many good things about Cornwall.  Not just about Cornish Pasties either…I have heard that the scenery is gorgeous.


3.  Liverpool, England.

Yes, it seems like I have a lot of places in the UK to see.  I would love to go to Liverpool mainly for the Cavern which is where the Beatles and many other bands played in the good ol’ days.  Some people have told me that Liverpool is ‘just another city’.  But, I have long been a fan of the Beatles (since 7 years old where my recorder teacher at Primary school was a fan of the Beatles) so this would be like getting to live a life long dream.


4.  Rome, Italy.

I loved Milan.  And I have always wanted to go to Rome.  It is steeped in history.  I am hoping to get there for one of my half terms.


5. Athens, Greece.

Athens is another place that is steeped in history and I have wanted to go there since I was tiny.  I remember I was asked what place I wanted to visit in the world and I just closed my eyes and whirled my finger around and my finger landed on Athens…so, it would be like a childhood dream fulfilled!


6.  Prague, Czech Republic.

I went out with a Czech guy once.  He was really nice, but it didn’t work out.  He told me lots about Prague and said how beautiful it is.


7.  Copenhagen, Denmark.

My cousin (hi Ella) is going to study in Copenhagen in August.  So, it would be great to visit her in Copenhagen and she can take me round and show me the beautiful city.


8. Berlin, Germany.

I did German at high school for 5 years, so it would be cool to go and try to practise my high school German (which I am pretty sure I have forgotten).   I think Berlin sounds like such an interesting city.



So, in conclusion, there are so many places I’d love to visit.  These ones are at the very top of my list.

I’m actually moving to London (which may or may not be heavy on my ‘cheque book’) but it’ll be easier to get places.


Who else has a really ambitious list of places to visit?


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