Why I Love Going To Fashion Week

Fashion is my favourite thing on earth.  Truth be told, I have got a bit lazy lately with Fashion posts, but I just find that sometimes I get too much fashion focused and I end up buying too much stuff on Asos.

But, I thought that today I would write about why I love Fashion Week.

Unfortunately I missed the one in London this year because I had work.

Worst excuse ever?  But getting from Clacton to London is probably the most boring and time consuming trip ever.

However, flashback to last year:

Cool goodie bags and interesting fashion.


I have decided to make this an annual ‘mum and daughter’ event.

I went last year with my mum.  My mum keeps a running commentary going – which I am pretty sure annoys the people around – but it keeps me entertained.


I love going because of the fashion designer pop-up sale:


I scored some amazing jeans there and also a beautiful ‘Wilson Trollope’ skirt.

The jeans fit amazingly and are the perfect skinny jean for me.  High-waisted, perfect length and a gorgeous dark blue.  Just the way I like them.

vintage fur coat
Only photo I can find of these magic jeans – sorry for blurry quality.

The skirt is black and white with a heart waist band.  To be honest, since buying it I’ve put on weight (I blame the English digestive biscuits – so time for salads) and now it is quite tight round my tummy.  I love wearing it with my vintage blouses.

OOTD Summer 2015
The Skirt

The Goodie Bag:IMG_0465

The goodie bag was ah-may-zing.

I got a free eyeliner smoky eyes pen by Maybelline and food.   The eyeliner goes on like a dream.  And the chocolate I ate pretty quickly.


Seeing different designers shows:

We went to the fashion show that showed lots of different designers.  So, it was great to see how the designers different from each other.  It was also great to see the more ‘wearable’ fashion and also the sort of fashion that I wouldn’t wear unless I was going to a costume party.



The vibe:

Everyone there was buzzing and excited to actually see a show.

I love to window shop, so it was great to have a look at all the really expensive sunnies and clothes on the ground floor before going into the show.  There were some rather questionable fashion looks, but hey….each to their own!


My fashion week outfit for the Saturday fashion show.

These photos are from 2015 NZFW – click here to find the post from last year about it.


Do you go to Fashion Week?  If so, what are your favourite parts about going to FW?


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